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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lake Medina & San Antonio

We decided it was time to move toward the south and ended up at Lake Medina just outside of San Antonio, TX.  The park is lovely, with cedar trees and deer.  There is a lake, but with the drought in Texas it is down around thirty feet … very sad.  We have met up again with several people from other parks we visited that are also moving south for the winter, and have had a lot of fun visiting.  We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast put on at the park’s activity center.  They supplied 14 turkeys, mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, and buckets of stuffing.  All the guests then brought a side dish and a dessert.  There were approximately 200 guests in attendance and was really a lot of fun.  It was very interesting to see the various dishes brought by people from different parts of the country.  Unfortunately, we were so busy sampling all the food, that we neglected to get any pictures.

The highlight of the park is the deer.  With the drought they have had a hard time this past summer, but are beginning to recover and are regularly fed by the park’s residents.  They tend to wait outside the RV watching for us to come out with our buckets of feed corn and carrots for them.  It's a great sight to greet us each morning!

Lynda with the Deer

The buck chased all the other deer away

Of course one cannot visit San Antonio without a visit to the Alamo.  We took the audio walking tour.  It was excellent: very informative and interesting.  The Alamo is right in the middle of downtown San Antonio, so the traffic, poor parking, and hassle getting in and out of the sight are not shown in the pictures.  All that is left of the Alamo is the chapel (2nd picture shown below) and part of the long barracks.  The original covered around five times the area that is allotted to the current monument.  The first picture below shows the entire layout.  The chapel is the small building in the upper right hand corner.  At the time of the battle it did not have a roof and a ramp was built inside to push a cannon up to the back wall.

A mock-up of the Alamo complex at the time of the battle

Lynda in front of the current-day Alamo chapel

Ancient live oak tree at the Alamo

Part of the memorial celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Alamo in 1935

Until next time, keep doing what you love.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Visit with Willow - Oklahoma & Texas

It has been a very busy and fun three weeks for Lynda and I.  We picked up our granddaughter, Willow, just before Halloween and have been busy, busy, busy … having fun, doing projects, and enjoying her visit.  Willow decided on a witch motif for her pumpkin-carving endeavor and it turned out great!

Her costume was “bride of darkness” and it was really scary (we know because she told us so!).  Actually, we thought it was pretty cute.

She got to go trick or treating twice: once in our RV park on the Saturday before Halloween and then again with her cousins on Halloween.  She had a great time and ended up with plenty of booty!

Having Willow with us forced us to break out the single be that is made from a conversion of the dining room banquette area.  It looks great with her quilts and she reports that it was surprisingly comfortable.

After Halloween we were on the move again … south to Texas!

We did some geocaching, visited a petting zoo, wandered around a terrific lake, ate some great catfish, did a bit of  “Gliding” on the Segways, and experienced some things that are, apparently, unique to Texas (how about the “Neck Sweat Gel”?).

All good things must come to an end.  Charity came and stayed with us for a couple of days and after a day of hiking and geocaching, she and Willow left for their new home.  We will miss them both, but are looking forward to our next visit.

Until next time … keep doing what you love!!